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Nowadays, anybody can write fiction in the name of history. I have come across many such fake websites and self-styled historians. What these people do is, they cook up a story and declare it as 'history'. 

Reading many books on the same subject and then filtering them based on similarities and accepting them as truth is a good idea.

Our blog www.notesonindianhistory.com is for serious history lovers who are interested in real history instead of fiction. 

You will not find any lies or exaggeration here. In case if you found any mistakes please contact us with your contemporary source material. If it is a digital book, please take a screenshot and if it's physical, please take a photo of the particular page. Only books/articles written by qualified historians will be accepted.

Please let us know your valuable suggestions and feedback about this blog through the comment form below. You can also mail us at: notesonindianhistory@gmail.com.

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Team Notes on Indian History

"Don't fall in love with the past...Don't fall in love with the characters of the past...Don't have villains and heroes in the past...As long as you keep that distance you will be able to keep your sanity and professionalism and write good history"

(Prof. Najaf Haider)


  1. I am really happy that I came across your site because I love medieval Indian history.
    Ending with warmest regards.

    (Mrs) Padma Mohan Kumar

    1. Glad you find it helpful. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. You might also like this youtube channel i found just now on history! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bjlIJPm3puc

  3. While searching for information about Rev C. F. Schwartz, I came across your blog. I appreciate the articles you have written about Hyder and Tipu.

  4. I am sorry to say but facts are Sher Shah, Hemu were opportunists or incidental kings as they took advantage of weakness and grabbed power without ever fighting the strength of an equal force. I admire and others too should ponder and believe that the all time greatest, warriors, who literally lived in the rugged battle fields unlike others sacrificing the plush lives of grand palaces despite already inheriting kingdoms, immense wealth, were, but chose struggle, reach new frontiers, establishing harmonious administration —

    1) Allaudin Khilji, 2) Babur the Great,
    3) Alamgir Aurangzeb,
    4) Ahmed Shah Abdali.
    Many would not agree but the fact will remain forever these 4 among the few had the raw courage they possessed, Military Strategy,

  5. Yes, the misteries of history fascinates me too..

  6. Anjanaji,its fascinating to read history which changes the outlook of socity either positively or negative,
    In my view As common lay man trust its doctor, religious person trust maulvi priest, pandit ,
    Anything written as history must be scientifically ( All three principal of science ) must must be used. History is history not good not bad but it must be authentic.
    Its affect psychi of society which have repercussion on harmony .But created or customised history
    Must be avoided.

  7. Very nice I am also blogers intereste in Writing Articles

  8. Excellent photos of Tippu sultan, great photos, thanks for your efforts